Foundations for Performance


What is a foundation on a horse? To me, a solid foundation starts by having solid basics. Finding the perfect balance of relationship and respect, teaching the horse the appropriate response to pressure without fear, whether that be the rider, whip, leg, rein, or even an obstacle, object, or the perceived environmental pressure of a place or situation. 


For a horse to respect me, he must trust me and for him to trust me, he must respect me as his leader. Many people don't take the time teach the horse in a way that he is able to learn and gain confidence as a learner.

As humans, we are direct lined in our approach and typically very goal oriented, that is why so many horses aren't given a proper start and never gain the confidence to try, experiment and learn new things. It all starts from the ground up. For a horse to perform, he must be fit, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, and that requires a solid foundation.  


Performance is not being a good show horse, it is having the partnership, confidence and willingness from your horse at all times whether you are showing consistently or simply enjoying the trail.

Understanding the horse's individual nature, learning style, confidence level and ability to set him up for success using communication, understanding and psychology is what I specialize in. Horsemanship is way more than riding, it is understanding the horse at a deeper level. There is a psychology to horses and horse training.

I specialize in starting horses, giving troubled horses a new start, trailer loading, behavior issues, developing solid foundations and teaching horsemanship to anyone who wants to learn.

I have helped international riders, Grand Prix dressage horses and riders, 4* Eventers, Jumpers, and amateur horse lovers alike.  


I have studied natural horsemanship directly under Pat and Linda Parelli, spent time in Europe starting performance horses and learning from great horsemen, competed in Extreme Mustang Makeover events, started and restarted countless horses of different breeds and disciplines, and and so on.

All of this has taught me the importance of a solid foundation. My mission is to help educate and empower horse people and horses to become partners for performance. 

It's not just a series of techniques, it's an approach, a way of thinking!




A foundation for your horse

A foundation for you




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(540) 931-7515

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